Daily Gospel Reflection for September 9, 2017 - St. Peter Claver


Today’s Gospel: Luke 6:1-5 – St. Peter Claver

Sometimes, as a first-born child, I have the tendency to be very irritated with people who don’t follow the rules. It used to drive me nuts when I would try to do everything ‘by the book’ only to watch someone else just skimp by and never get caught. Jesus was radical. He wasn’t against the rules, but He certainly was about pointing out when following the rules – but not living a holy life – needed to be addressed. I could stand a reminder of that. Sometimes, following the rules causes me to become someone I don’t care for. Pointing out the flaws and problems of everyone else, I forget to remember that we are all here struggling together. Yes, rules are important; but taking care of others, and bringing the Gospel to everyone I meet not only by word, but by my action, is even more important. Do my actions tell others that I’m a strict rule follower but a terrible Christian? Or do my actions tell others that I follow the rules, but I spread love and Jesus everywhere I go? The two can go hand in hand.


How can we be that beautiful example of following Jesus’ teachings and spreading His message to all?


Lord Jesus, help me to keep Your commandments in such a way, that it will invite others to want to learn about You as well.

Copyright 2017 Amy Blair

Wife to Ricky, mom to Grace Jackson, Emily, Gianna, Mary, Chiara, and Lucia. Catholic faith is the source and summit of our lives. We live in the North for now, but hope to return to our southern roots one day soon. Love to be outdoors, reading, and blogging.

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