Daily Gospel Reflection for September 13, 2017 - St. John Chrysostom


Today’s Gospel: Luke 6:20-26 – St. John Chrysostom

When I hear the beatitudes, especially Luke’s version, I start feeling anxious and squirm a bit in my chair. While I certainly wouldn’t call myself “rich,” I am most definitely not “poor.” And while I irritate quite a few people it is not on account of the Son of Man. No, if someone doesn’t like me it’s certainly not Jesus’ fault. Also, there is ice cream in my freezer (vanilla, if you must know), so my belly is quite full.

So what will becomes of me? Is there any hope?

I’d like to think so. But only by the grace of God. No doubt my anxiety at hearing the words of Christ stems from my attachment to these temporal comforts. Not that temporal comforts are bad. Food is good. Drink is good. Laughter is good. But am I placing these things ahead of my relationship to Christ?

What, exactly, do I hunger for? What do I thirst for? More food? More friends? Or am I seeking Jesus?
The Christian walk is one of a continual conversion. It’s a process where, by the grace of God, we deepen our relationship with Him; placing our love for Him above everything else. When we can do this, our love for the temporal naturally diminishes and we learn true detachment.


Do you squirm when you hear the words of today’s Gospel? Are you, perhaps, too attached to something? Do you need to learn to love God more so that you might practice true detachment?


Jesus, help me to seek You first. Grant me the grace to love You above everything else and to use the good gifts You’ve given me for the advancement of Your kingdom.

Copyright 2017 Christine Cooney

Christine Cooney is a wife, mother, compulsive reader, and freelance writer living in Central Ohio. In her spare time she plays word games and takes pictures with her iPhone. She also likes superheroes, fancy pens, and the color blue. She blogs at Epiphanies of Beauty.

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