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I know we had seven days pass. I also know I blinked and almost missed it. I kept thinking, if I just get to such-and-such day, it will get easier. I’d get through that day and the stack of things to sign, organize, clear out, mail, fold, put away, wash, purchase, cook, clean, or deal with just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger. It wasn’t that I didn’t work or wasn’t organized; it was the cumulative effect of first week of school for 1, 2, 3, 4 schools where my children attend, the 5th where I work, the 6th where my son works, and having family recovering from one hurricane as other family is hunkering down for the second. It wasn’t until I popped (and by that I mean, went insane over a little thing), that I realized all I was carrying around, both on my heart and in my head. August was Adoration month, but September seemed to indicate it might be a good solution.

Being still and knowing He is there: it’s what I needed. Paul’s bus was late today, very late. I fell asleep in the grass with my 15-year-old –she fell asleep too, waiting. More stillness we didn’t seek, but needed. This isn’t to say I was cured, because I woke anxious about the bus, about the pile of work I wasn’t getting done because I was stuck sitting at the foot of the hill waiting for him to come home. God kept giving me time to be still. The error was in how I approached the stillness, and how I revved back into disorder in the process of trying to keep everything organized and moving forward.

Be still. I knew it was what God wanted from me, to choose the better portion. Yes, call to ask about the bus, yes, you have to do all these things. How are you going to approach doing all these things? I looked at the schedule. We’d have back-to-school nights three nights in a row. It would be a chaotic week for dinner. I opted to make waffles. It would be just special enough to excuse the chaos of not being always home in the evening. It would take time, but I could still make it to the evening event.

My youngest daughter sang my praises, as did Paul, and they invited me to sit and eat with them. Once again, the message rang through. “Be still.” So … I was a little late.

Hope your week was full of little moments when you remembered to “be still.” That’s this week’s Small Success.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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  1. The Autumn routine is slowly coming into order – I love order. This week I was finally able to attend Diaconate formation classes with my hubby (teen son’s work schedule jived). Visited both the sweet senior I bring Communion to and my fabulous Spiritual Director. Lastly, Bible Study resumed at my home with a wonderful turnout – lots of faces we’ve not seen in months and even years!! I feel like I have been in hibernation all Summer. Ironically. It felt nice to reconnect.

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