Daily Gospel Reflection for September 15, 2017 - Our Lady of Sorrows


Today’s Gospel: John 19:25-27 – Our Lady of Sorrows

I went to visit a friend the other day who was undergoing a trial I had recently experienced myself. We shared our stories and cried together. There was no way to remove our sorrow, but simply being in the presence of a sympathetic heart brought comfort.

I’ve often heard that we should unite our sufferings to Christ’s on the cross, but I had a hard time grasping what that meant and how to do it until I turned my gaze to Mary. A mother at the feet of her dying son – so vulnerable, yet so strong; so heartbroken, yet confident in the joy that is sure to follow. In the time of her greatest grief, Mary became our mother. She became our confidant, our support, and our shoulder to lean on even as her own heart was being pierced.

When I’ve suffered, Mary has put her arm around me and allowed me to cry, while at the same time guiding me towards the foot of the cross. And there, she has taught me that we can still see joy through swollen and red-rimmed eyes. And we can feel closer to Christ than ever before once our hearts have been broken open.


Is there someone in your life who needs the comfort of a sympathetic heart? Don’t be afraid to reach out to them in their sorrow. Make a phone call or a personal visit and be the face of Our Lady of Sorrows for them.


Mother Mary, please put your arms around me and guide me to your Son, both in times of joy and in times of sorrow. Help me to never give in to despair and hopelessness, even during the darkest times in my life.

Copyright 2017 Charisse Tierney

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Charisse Tierney lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her husband Rob and seven children. Charisse is a stay-at-home mom, musician, NFP teacher, and a Catechesis of the Good Shepherd catechist in training. She is also a contributing author to The Catholic Mom's Prayer Companion and Family Foundations magazine. Charisse blogs at Paving the Path to Purity and can be found on Facebook.


  1. I loved your reflection, Charisse. As only God can time these things, a friend was having a medical test today, the same one I had last week. Knowing what she was going through as she waited for her appointment, I swung by the medical center just to give her a hug. I think it made us both feel better to share the anxiety, frustration and fear that goes along with this journey. Hopefully we’ll both be feeling a shared joy soon!

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