Family Reflection Video: The Thoughts of Many Hearts Revealed


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Today Father Willy reflects on the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

“You all know what we mean when we speak of a mother’s love … What is more tender, stronger, more generous and more heroic?” – Blessed Basil Moreau

The deep love God has for us was revealed through Mary and her seven sorrows. Every family faces times of sorrow and pain. As her adopted children, our blessed Mother, Mary, is there to help us.

Think about a difficult or sorrowful challenge your family has faced. As a family, discuss how your faith helped you get through that time. Do you feel your faith is stronger because of that experience? (If you want to share and inspire other readers with your story, please use the comment space below.)

As we honor our Blessed Mother, the Lady of Sorrows, let us reveal the secrets of our own hearts to Mary, our spiritual Mother, the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Mary, you delighted to present Jesus in the temple. You experienced the first of seven sorrows. More were to come but none destroyed your faith or trust in Jesus. Help our family in time of sorrow to be faithful. Amen.

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