For the Catholic Entrepreneur: 3 Signs of an Effective Marketing Funnel

"For the Catholic Entrepreneur: 3 Signs of an Effective Marketing Funnel" by Christina Weber (

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A winning marketing funnel attracts the leads of prospects through which you will find your ideal clients. These prospects turn into customers who are motivated to work with you and spend money in your business. They will pull out their cash, credit cards or checks to purchase what you have. And you will generate solutions that delight them, so they become satisfied clients who then refer other ideal clients back to you.

There are lots of moving parts along the way. And one or more gaps can and often block the connection you want to make.

I have had expensive funnel function problems so I would like to save you lots of pain and money. Here the signs that you do have an effective marketing funnel:

  1. It meets the short, intermediate, and long-term revenue needs 

There is a season for particular strategies in your business. When I was starting my business, my first business coach advised me to write a book with the plan of getting regular speaking gigs and developing a thriving online enterprise. However, he never helped me create any immediate products or services that customers would need at the time, nor did he guide me on how to reach those clients. As a result of me not getting the right mentor for me at the time, I spent one to two years fumbling around getting frustrated and stressed about my rising business expenses, gratis work, dwindling revenue and sinking self-confidence. A coach sensitive to your income needs can direct you to the correct kinds of activities right away.

  1. It starts offline, then moves online 

When you jump off the 9-5 grind and become your own boss, it’s easy to get the picture that you get to wear your jammies all day behind a computer and feel the rush of the clients and money rolling in. But that ain’t how it works. Making a splash in the online world and watching your phone click as people make orders can be your destination. But at first, it’s a process of trial and error. Offline marketing–the old fashioned way of networking groups, coffees, and hitting the streets– helps you understand your client’s hot buttons; refine your message, model, and modality; and close some sales along the way. From that place, you can more easily transition your biz to online success.

  1. It suits your lifestyle 

A failing funnel relies on activities that aren’t in sync with your lifestyle. My first mentor had a blueprint with clients to move them online with books, radio, and speaking engagements. His plan was to have me speaking out of town once a month to large crowds. But that didn’t jive with my crazy weekend schedule with three active kids, lots of community involvement, and a not-so-supportive spouse. First, shame on me for not better researching a mentor with a better fit for me. He was what he was; it was me who didn’t do my homework to identify what kind of support I needed. Not only could I not consciously picture me driving out of town or getting on a plane a weekend a month, but the misfit strategy created unconscious blocks around success.  Outwardly, I was saying “yes,” but inwardly my soul was crying, “are you kidding me … how am I going to make this work?”

Winning funnels come in many shapes and sizes. There are lots of different ways to attract clients and even work with them that can and fit well with your life and personality. Again, getting custom input from a coach who is holistic and a great listener can save you time, money, stress, and you’ll sidestep a lot of self-doubt and feelings of failure in your journey.

Catholic Entrepreneurs on Fire Biz and Life Tip: Even though you feel you can’t afford them, having the right mentor is critical particularly in the early stages of your business. But pray that God sends you to the right mentors to help you create the winning marketing funnel from the start.

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