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There are so many Facebook groups out there now for moms, but it can be a little challenging to find good Catholic based groups that are active and helpful. I like to be in groups where there is plenty of posting activity and interaction. Otherwise, it is just another group that I never utilize and I end up leaving it. I also like groups that inspire me both spiritually and emotionally while challenging me to be a better mom and a better woman of God. Here are the Facebook groups I have found that do just that.

Catholic Mommy

Catholic Mommy is part of Catholicmommyblogs and is designed to be a support and inspiration exclusively for Catholic mothers. Women can ask questions and ask for prayers, share blog posts and articles. The posts published on Catholicmommyblogs are regularly shared as well.  The same woman who began this group also started a Facebook page called Catholic Kids which is a great resource for Catholic families looking for liturgical activities and feast day ideas.

Everyday Ediths

Everyday Ediths is founded by a group of Catholic bloggers who share their most recent posts as well as inspiring quotes and images. Their motto is to weave inspiration into the everyday lives of women and mothers. They do Facebook lives where the administrators take turns reciting prayers and novenas live. They have a page as well as the group.

Young and Wild Catholic Mamas

This group is very vibrant and active. It’s full of young Catholic mothers in their twenties and thirties but older moms are welcome as well. There are constantly new posts and threads in this group, as the majority of members are very interactive. There are fun social conversations, daily prayer threads, promotion threads, and personal questions about marriage and family life. There are smaller share groups within the larger group that have an assigned patron saint and the women are grouped according to their ages and how many children they have. These are meant to support a more intimate setting for women at a similar stage of life.

Blessed is She

Blessed is she is a nationwide group that is divided into smaller regional groups. I’m in the Midwest Region Group. This group is Catholic-based with daily devotions delivered to email subscribers and constant prayer posts. It’s also a way to meet other women in your area, as they have a running list of where everyone is from so you can arrange meetups in person if you wish. You can find your regional Facebook group, plus retreats, workshops, and small groups in your area on the Blessed is She website.

WINE Book Club

WINE book club is a virtual community of women who come together to read books about faith and womanhood throughout the year. This group is an extension of the WINE (Women in the New Evangelization) organization which puts out resources to encourage women in their walk with God. There is a membership program, seasonal book clubs with amazing book picks, blog posts, and events. I participated in the  Walk in her Sandals book club back in Lent and found it to be a wonderful experience. Not only was it an amazing book but the Facebook group provided practical guides, prayers, and graphics that helped me to host a mini book club locally. This group acts as a supplement to real-life book club meetings and also as a virtual book club for those who want to participate right from home. It’s similar to what Catholic does with our online book clubs.

To Jesus Sincerely

To Jesus Sincerely is run by Sara, a Catholic blogger, who does a monthly virtue challenge. This group is for those who are interested in participating in the monthly challenges which include prayers, practical tips, and printables to help everyone grow in that particular virtue. The challenge for September is chastity. Within the group, Sara shares quotes, articles, videos and Facebook lives to enhance the virtue for that month. There are also prompts for the members of the group to interact and grow in virtue together.

Midnight Moms

This is a group that I host. I started it a few years ago when I was up in the middle of the night with a wide-awake newborn and wondered if any other moms I knew were up with their children. There are weekly social threads as well as graphics and quotes for quick motherhood encouragement. It is a group for any mom, not just Catholics, but there are many Catholic moms in it. I often share Catholic resources that inspire me and encourage others to share motherhood-related media that spoke to them. Whenever anyone posts a question, there are always plenty of women willing to offer helpful advice and solidarity. Since starting my blog two years ago, I utilize Midnight Moms as another way to share my own posts about motherhood.

These are my favorite Catholic mom groups on Facebook. I hope you will check them out and join the ones that appeal to you.

What groups would you add to the list?

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