Daily Gospel Reflection for September 22, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 8: 1-3

Who are these women who walk with Jesus and the disciples on his ministry journeys?

Women who had been healed of evil spirits and sickness, who were following after Jesus with their whole hearts, lives, and possessions.

Women like Mary Magdalene, saved from a lifetime of bad choices and despair, and brought into new life with Christ. She knew where she had been, and despite her sin, found complete forgiveness and a new beginning in Jesus.

Women such as Joanna, the wife of Chuza, a steward in Herod’s household. Tradition holds that he lost his position because of his wife’s faith in Jesus. Think about how many opportunities she had to share Jesus’ ministry with those in that household, and how many lives Christ changed because of her boldness. Susanna and many others. These women had wealth and influence. They used their money to finance the ministry, and helped provide for the needs of the large group following Jesus.

Some of these women are present at the Crucifixion. They mourn at Jesus’ death on the cross. They prepare spices to anoint the body of their Lord, and are the first to witness the stone rolled away and the empty tomb. He is Risen! They are again present in the Upper Room, and receive the Holy Spirit along with the disciples.

All of these women have been healed by Jesus in a way that the world was unable to do … whether from disease, infirmity, or a lifetime of sin. And all have turned towards Him with their whole hearts and lives, following Him and participating actively in His ministry, serving the needs of His people and sharing their witness of His awesome works.


Lord Jesus, thank you for saving me and pointing me towards You. I want to follow You as these early women did. Show me how to serve You in all I do.


How has Jesus touched you in your life? In what ways can you be a witness to His kingdom in your areas of influence?

Copyright 2017 Ashleigh Payne

Ashleigh is a Catholic wife, mama to two little ones (5 and 2), and physician striving for grace, balance, and community every day. Follow her blog at Small Things with Great Love.

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