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"Calling all Catholic YouTubers" by Christina Nagy (

Screen shot from Catholic YouTubers Hangout, September 2017.

So, what do you get when you have 97 Catholic YouTubers register for a first-ever hangout? A recipe for success!

This past August and September, many Catholic YouTubers from around the globe joined together to listen to talks, enjoy break-out sessions and pray. It was a little like an online mini-retreat/conference for YouTubers!

The Catholic YouTube Hangout is the original brainchild of YouTuber Daniel Glaze from “That Catholic Couple,” who joined with “Steve the Missionary” and Maria Mitchell, producer of the channel “Ascension Presents,” to make his vision a reality. YouTubers from “New Catholic Generation” and others assist in leading the live break-out sessions as well.

The goal of this unique venture is to bring a variety of content creators on YouTube together to join as a community to support and encourage the Catholic presence online. One of the neat features of the hangout is its focus. It is not required that a YouTuber’s channel be specifically Catholic in its delivery. As Daniel Glaze from “That Catholic Couple” explained, this community would be a great fit even if a channel teaches viewers about laundry baskets without saying anything necessarily Catholic, as long as the creator ‘s work is being influenced by his/her faith. Encouraging Catholic channels to provide clean and moral content in whatever area they are called to deliver is the point.

A year and a half ago, my family created our own YouTube channel called Catholic Conundrum to provide alternative content to what the peers of my children and teens were viewing online. Unsure how to navigate the system, we learned the hard way that success in the Catholic niche does not come easily, especially when one is not very YouTube savvy and doesn’t have any major media connections to speak of. It certainly didn’t take long to realize that gaining subscribers is a painstakingly slow process. In addition, we also began to understand the pressure that other contemporary YouTubers confront in trying to respond to the constant need for content uploads. Although ideas for new sketches, songs, clay tutorials, etc. seem to come out of the woodwork, our family soon found that finding the time and necessary equipment and materials presented a real challenge to bringing these ideas to life. The Holy Spirit was our go-to, of course, for guidance and confirmation, but we often longed for help from another Catholic YouTuber who could encourage us and give us advice.

Enter the Catholic YouTubers Hangout! Naturally, my family and I leaped at the opportunity to meet with other more seasoned YouTubers! We greatly enjoyed the first hangout, meeting other Catholics who are trying to make a difference online. We were delighted to find a community that is made up of a beautiful group of YouTubers from all over, all seeking to use this form of media to build up the Kingdom of God in a clean and moral way.

One topic that piqued my interest during the live breakout sessions was the acknowledgement of the very prominent Mormon presence of clean content found on YouTube. My family and I have often discussed this reality, wishing that there was a way to increase the Catholic presence online in a similar way. It would be impossible to deny the appealing affect that the Mormon content has had online, and it seems that trying to attain a similar goal as Catholic Christians would be a huge asset to the Church. As Steve the Missionary stated during the first hangout, “Where people are, so should the Gospel be.”

Soooo … if you have a Catholic YouTube Channel, please consider joining us on October 20th at 7:45 pm CST! Check out this first callout for the Catholic YouTubers Hangout to get yourself registered for the next hangout. Each hangout focuses on a specific theme (for example, ‘Collaboration’ was the theme for September) that promises to educate and promote sharing between newbies and seasoned veterans alike. And prayer is always on the agenda!

And if you don’t have a channel but know or follow someone that you think might be interested, pass on the news: there’s a new monthly hangout in town, and the Holy Spirit Himself will be there!  🙂

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