Daily Gospel Reflection for September 25, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:16-18

As Christians we are called to make the light of Christ visible to those we encounter; even to the strangers at the grocery store. As it says in the song “Live Like That” by The Sidewalk Prophets: “People pass / And even if they don’t know my name / Is there evidence that I’ve been changed / When they see me, do they see You / I want to live like that.” The parable of the lamp is telling us that we are like the lamp, filled with light, and we have a purpose to share God, the light of the world, with others. We are invited to be a beacon of light demonstrating what it looks like to live in the truth. This is how God intends to work through us in the world. He intends for us to shine, even to those who might not know our names.

Strangers may catch a glimpse of our light as they pass by. But imagine what could happen if we reach out to them. We could hold the door for them. We could show patience as we wait in the check-out line. Or perhaps we can carry a bag for them. We can engage in conversation. Through our actions and words, they can see Jesus in action. And maybe, those things that were hidden from them, could become clear. So, let your light shine. Do not shine to bring attention to yourself, but to bring people to the light of Christ.

In verse 18 we are provided a warning as to the importance of truly hearing God’s instruction on how to be the light. It is instructed that we must “take care” in how we hear the Word. Jesus refers many times to the importance of scripture and its study. To ensure we are the light that God intends, we must balance our faith-based media consumption (Christian Music, our favorite radio preachers, even our local priests and pastors) with time spent in His Word, the Bible. The Bible provides unambiguous direction for how to “live like that”.


In what ways do you share the light of Christ with others? Can strangers see you as a living example of Christ on earth? How do you ‘take care’ in listening and learning the Word of God?


Heavenly Father, please help us to listen to Your Word, and act upon it to be the light that helps others see. Fill us with the Holy Spirit so that we are examples of love and truth to all who we encounter. Amen.

Copyright 2017 Rhonda Vuch

Rhonda Vuch lives in beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She and her husband enjoy sharing outdoor adventures with their son and their two dogs. They are blessed to be surrounded by tall mountains and a strong faith-filled community.

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