Daily Gospel Reflection for September 26, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 8:19-21

Sometimes I think the gospels are like Shakespeare. In its original form, the Bard’s work is remarkably spartan. There are few stage directions, and actors must rely on the context of the language to determine where to go and why.

Today’s passage from Luke is an example. At first glance, it would appear that Christ dismisses Mary and his extended family. He seems completely unphased by their desire to join Him, writing them off with a global statement about all those who hear His words. There are no stage directions to indicate tone of voice, facial expressions, attitudes or motives.

What we must do, then, is base our reflection on the deep, abiding love He undoubtedly held for His mother, Mary. We must shift our perspective away from the apparent dismissal and toward an obvious inclusion: when He declares all who hear His words and follow Him as His mother and brothers, we see Christ loving us as deeply as He loved them. He did not downplay His mother’s role; rather, he elevated ours.

Let us remember this when we are tired and weary and full of self-doubt. We are Christ’s family, and He loves us all the same.


Do I ever doubt Christ’s love for me? How can I conquer that feeling?


Heavenly Father, You love us as You love Your mother, Mary. Grant us the grace to rest in that knowledge and maintain our union with You.

Copyright 2017 Ginny Kochis

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