Daily Gospel Reflection for September 27, 2017 - St. Vincent de Paul


Today’s Gospel: Luke 9:1-6 – St. Vincent de Paul

Jesus, are you sure?

I can almost see the disciples’ wide, questioning eyes as they listen to these instructions in today’s Gospel. He doesn’t want us to take an extra tunic? What if Peter spills something…you know how messy he is! And you know how grouchy Bartholomew gets when his blood sugar drops…shouldn’t he bring at least a little snack? Who knows how long it will be until we get to eat again…

Maybe the disciples were more trusting than I would be in that situation, but I know I would want to second-guess what Jesus was saying. Surely it couldn’t hurt to prepare just a little bit – what would be wrong with bringing a little bag with some travel essentials?

Jesus is clear in His words. The disciples are to live with people in the villages to which they travel, and they are to let those people feed and shelter them. If they are not welcomed, they are to leave and go elsewhere, shaking the dust from their feet. It must have been so challenging to trust that the generosity of strangers would be enough to sustain them, but St. Luke tells us that they did just what Jesus asked, healing and spreading good news everywhere they went.


How much harder is it today to trust that God will provide for our needs when we are working for Him? Does the excess in our modern lives make it more difficult to believe that we have enough?


Jesus, when I decided to follow You, I trusted that You would provide for my needs. Help me to remember that with You, I always have what I need to carry out the tasks You set before me. Amen.

Copyright 2017 Abbey Dupuy

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