Daily Gospel Reflection for September 28, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 9:7-9

This is the only time Herod is mentioned at all in Chapter 9 of Luke’s Gospel. Interestingly, this scene is right in between the time Jesus gives the twelve their great mission, power and authority over all demons and to proclaim the kingdom, and their return from their first journey. Why would this be there? Surprisingly, we can learn something from Herod. “John I beheaded. Who then is this about whom I hear such things?” He explicitly says he doesn’t believe it’s John, but also implies it is not Elijah or an ancient prophet. He knew someone different was in his midst. He knew that someone who could raise another from the dead (Luke 8:54) was someone to behold “and he kept trying to see him”. The apostles were out on their first mission, proclaiming and curing, in Herod’s land. If he wanted Jesus in his life, he could have had Him! All he had to do was ask for Him. His desire, however, was not to know God; the selfish curiosity that he showed towards Jesus was fleeting, which may have been a detriment to him and his desire to see Him. And this is what Herod can teach us; if we want to know Jesus, we must not be lukewarm but instead we have to seek Him out. The apostles teach us that Jesus and His word are all around us, but we must take the first step. A wonderful priest once said to me, “God always has His hand stretched out to us, we just need to put our hand out and reach for His.”


How often do I want to have a relationship with Jesus on my own terms?


Lord, please help me to be pure of heart so I may follow You and find You in my daily life.

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My name is Michael Kotary and I live outside of Kansas City with my wife of 15 years and 4 children. Because we move often and we have 4 kids we get the question “Are you military?” Or “Are you Mormon?” At that we usually smile and let them know about our wonderful faith.

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