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One of my favorite movies is Galaxy Quest. Every time it comes on, I watch and it makes me laugh. However, I do believe fiercely in the importance of “Never give up. Never surrender.” It is another way of saying, “Begin again.” I say that because this week, I went backwards. Back up in weight, back down in organization; rosaries were said some days, some decades others. It was a week of hit or miss, with a lot more miss than hit.

So when it came time to write Small Success Thursday, I admit, I felt it was grasping at straws to set up the introduction to this weekly “Count your blessings” column. Who wants to hear if I read a book or made it to adoration?  The discouragement voice sensed weakness and grew louder. “You’ve been doing this since sometime in 2010, I think. You are here at fifty-one, greyer and fatter.” Why continue? Why try?

The spiritual attack made an error asking “Why?” because it triggered my stubborness. Why? Because the world has plenty of despair, misery, sadness, anger, rage, wrath, pain and suffering; it doesn’t need more added to the pile. Small Success isn’t about saving the world, it’s about finding sanity and showing we don’t have to be defined by the world, or success, slimness or age. My hair, I earned. My pounds, I earned. Every one of them. We aren’t called to be perfect. We aren’t called to be anything but loving; we are to be known by our tangible joy, in our words, in our acts, in our lives.

Joy has nothing to do with circumstance externally; it is entirely an internal grace, evidence of a love for Christ above all else, and a love for all others, the way we would serve Christ. Writing this column every week is sometimes difficult, because progress is slow, and sometimes in the wrong direction. But the Thursday reminder, “Begin again,” is why this column is still here, reminding everyone, “Never give up.  Never surrender.”

We don’t have to be perfect;, we have to be loving.

So this week’s small successes include:
1) I did read a book. Wright’s Black Boy. Beautiful, gripping, and on almost every page, some sentence that is really poetry.
2) took on teaching CCD at the parish. I really need to stop ever saying to God, “Now what?” because He immediately answers.
3) Drove my son to look at a college.

Hope your week was full of big and little victories and that if you got discouraged at any point, you remembered, “Begin again,” and got back at whatever it was you needed to do. Have a great week and Happy Small Success Thursday!

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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  1. This week I …

    1. Finally got some time with bestie. We went to the Fr. Peyton Guild meeting in our area because that’s what Catholic Dork Friends do!! Then got beer and salad.

    2. Had a day with ALL 3 OF MY KIDS under my roof for the entire day. OK 2 were sick but I’ll take it!!!

    3. Checked more things that NOT on my to-do list #StuffDreamsareMadeof

  2. This week, I figured out more about how to use some software I need to use for work. I’m much more comfortable with it now.
    I tried a couple of new recipes (success!)
    And I said no to something at my parish that someone else can do instead, because I know better than to try to take on that particular project. I did say I’d help, because helping on a limited basis will work for me and my schedule.
    I’m tired, but not discouraged (success!)

  3. Why write Sherri? Write because the Holy has been given you a gift that is brining with anticipation to spread the good news. You write because you are touching others with his words of encouragement (whether it is thru the net or after a 12yr olds birthday party). Keep bringing it Sherri. We need you. God knows.

    Thank you for the advice on Catholic highs in the WMA and timelines to prepare for college. Your experience should be shared with others (hint hint next article) because it is so unnecessarily stressful. I went to public high and although I fell away from the church, I’m back with and unrelenting love of my church and faith.

    Please do not be discouraged. I appreciate every nugget of wisdom your empathetic spirit has shared with me.

    Now right that blog on the resurrection, on the joy of loss, on the sorrowful mysteries. I can’t wait to read it.

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