Daily Gospel Reflection for September 30, 2017 - St. Jerome


Today’s Gospel: Luke 9:43B-45 – St. Jerome

Who among us has not felt afraid of looking foolish? Why should I raise my hand and ask questions when everyone else in class seems to know the answer? I can probably find it out on my own. After all, we have the Internet. I could ask a friend and classmate if they understand, but what if they were afraid to ask as well? Then two of us are still in the dark. What if the whole class was just pretending? Then what do we do?

This passage is short, but much is happening. The day after his Transfiguration, Jesus casts out a demon from a young boy and the Bible tells us, “all were astonished.” Immediately after that, in this passage, “they were all amazed at his every deed.” In the midst of that amazement, Jesus tells the apostles to “pay attention to what I am telling you.” But they did not understand and they did not question; instead, they became afraid. Fear closes off understanding. Fear isolates us and makes us feel alone. Everyone else gets it. Why can’t I? Why can’t I figure it out? What are you trying to tell me, Lord?

Jesus wants us to understand. He wants us to pay attention. He wants us to ask questions. It is in this give and take with the Lord that we grow closer to Him, that we learn, that He can show us what is important, what is needed for the task. Do not fear. Ask the Teacher. Let Him explain—and then, if we are open to Him and pay attention, we will learn the lesson put before us.


Lord, what is the lesson You want to teach me today?


Jesus, help me to question what I do not understand. Then cast out my fear and grant me wisdom.

Copyright 2017 Cathy G. Knipper

Cathy G. Knipper is a Catholic publicist by day and an avid communicator by night. Mom to three adult children and wife to Jim, she fills her time outside of the office with farmers markets, weekend travel to see her children, extended family and friends, and reading as many books as is humanly possible.

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