Daily Gospel Reflection for October 1, 2017 - 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 21:28-32 – 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Obedience. We all have an instinctive need to fight it. For some of us, it fades away with age. For others, we just hide it better.

In today’s gospel, both sons within the parable are disobedient in some way – the first by words, the second by words and actions.

But here’s the difference – no matter how much we lie and try to avoid God’s will, we can be forgiven for it if we can just repent and follow that repentance with the right actions.

The key phrase here for me? “He changed his mind and went.”

When He created creatures with free will, God incorporated a safety switch. No matter what we’re doing, what we’ve done, or what we’ve planned…we can change our minds.

We can fall far and still choose the right path.

We can hurt people and still ask for forgiveness.

We can lie to God (and ourselves)… and still decide to do the right thing.

But this safety switch can’t save us unless we choose to flip it.


Why do you think obedience is so hard for humans (and why do you think God considers it such a saintly quality)?
Reflect on the farthest you’ve ever felt from God. How did it feel to flip the switch and change your mind? If you haven’t yet, how good do you think it will feel to go to Reconciliation and flip the switch?


God, no matter how belligerent, prideful, or ignorant I become, please never stop working on my conscience. Please use Your ways to remind me that I can change my mind and accept the Truth of Your love at any time.

Copyright 2017 Sarah Greesonbach

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