Daily Gospel Reflection for October 2, 2017 - Memorial of the Guardian Angels


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 18:1-5, 10 – Memorial of the Guardian Angels

To be like little children. What exactly does it mean? Little children depend on their parents for everything. They believe in their parents’ teachings and trust them to care for them. They do not worry about their needs being met and certainly not about being the greatest in the Kingdom. Of course, they know they have great worth because of their parents’ love. Being given a powerful, beautiful guardian angel is proof of this worth.

So often, in our pride, we turn to angels when we need. We expect them to be serving us like bodyguards. The problem is, bodyguards are employees of those they care for. Our angels are more like big brothers. Fellow creatures, but beyond us in so many ways. They are wiser, stronger, smarter and much more powerful. They live in the place we are journeying toward. The only way we surpass them is by being the same kind of creature that Christ became, an achievement which is not our own.

Some people think of praying to our guardian angel as childish. Honestly, the Guardian Angel Prayer is often depicted as a child’s prayer. But, maybe this is appropriate. We must be like little children with our angels, listening to them, following them. For truly, they work to teach us God’s will and lead us to heaven. It is their home and ours, not because of what we do to get there, but because it is our Father’s house.


How can I better listen to and follow my Guardian Angel today?


Lord, let me depend on You and trust You in all things.

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