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This fall I am taking a course at the University of Notre Dame’s STEP program called Christian Doctrine for Catechists. It’s a basic course that starts in the beginning of belief in God through revelations. It has been very interesting so far and I am enlightened by the other students in the course. We are all from different places in the US; we are old, young, teachers, speakers, and bloggers. Some are in charge of the next generation and some are bringing in new Catholics each year through RCIA. I’m a blogger and also needing take a course or two in order to renew my certification as a master catechist. The education and experiences that we are sharing is really great.

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Each week we have new topics to reflect on. This week’s topic is on scripture and its importance of teaching doctrine through it. One student told us how a priest explained the necessity of scripture when teaching the doctrine. He compared it to a piece of fruit. Normally one would think the fruit’s sole purpose was for nutrition and taste, but actually it is to protect the pit. Scripture, in the same way, serves to protect the truths that must be “broken open” and discerned. The fruit is not to be food … it is to protect the pit for the future of the fruit for generations to come. The Sacred Scriptures preserve the doctrines in the same way for future generations yet to come. I never knew!


Each one of us knows someone who either firmly does not believe in God, or is struggling with it in some way. The one thing we Christians want to do is share in our joy of believing and having faith. We can do this, first by being firmly rooted in our faith by reading scripture and knowing the teachings. We can plant seeds by being kind  by inviting them to a Mass or just answering questions when asked. What we cannot do is tease, chide, or coerce a person into believing and accepting what we believe. We just cannot do that … it never works. There is one thing that gives me hope for these beautiful and struggling souls. They, like me, have been created by God, so they have God within them, in their very core, God lives and loves them. God is love and so they have been made by and with love; they too are holy love.

So, it is not for us to judge whether one is redeemed and saved, since we know that they have God’s love in them, then, I know that God will work in them and they will be loved as we all are.

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Ebeth Weidner, a Master Catechist and cradle Catholic who considers herself a Catholic information junkie, writes from her heart about the faith and hope she finds in the Catholic Church. She is the author of “A Catholic Mom Climbing the Pillars” blog. She is the wife of a research science Professor and mom to 3 great young adults people living on the coastal side of North Carolina.


  1. Thank you for glimpses into learning from your class. I love being in learning contexts about the faith, so it is nice to hear about what you are learning/what is inspiring you. I would love to hear more about your process of becoming a Master Catechist and other glimpses into maintaining it like this one.

    • Thank YOU, Amanda! You know you are on to something….I need to write more about my journey to master catechist certification… it’s kind of boring, but then kind of not. Being a cradle Catholic and always interested in learning, I consider myself a Catholic info junkie, Ha!

      Thanks again, and blessings to you and yours!

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