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Since I bought my Amazon Echo Dot after Christmas last year, I’ve been finding out what Alexa can do mostly by accident. One morning, when I sat down in my office and said, “Alexa, good morning.” I was pleasantly surprised when she answered me back (so to speak) with information about a special observance.

That has become my favorite Alexa trick. Besides Jeopardy. And music.

Some days, though, the observance she chooses to acknowledge (with or without a bad pun) isn’t one that I find terribly interesting, and so I head over to Of today’s celebrations, here are a few of my favorites:

  • National Noodle Day (Hey, I’m half Italian. Of course this one is first. Check out some fun noodle facts here).
  • Garlic Lover’s Day (Because you can’t have a day about pasta without at least a little garlic).
  • National Physician’s Assistant Day. (Behind every good physician….)
  • World Smile Day (Inspired by all the Italian food).

While I’ll never get around to celebrating all of these special days and all their cousins, it’s kind of fun knowing about them. In addition, it’s nice to be reminded that every day brings something to celebrate.

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Happy Plaidurday, everyone!

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