Daily Gospel Reflection for October 10, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 10:38-42

My mother, the ever-hospitable Italian, always gets her nose bent out of joint with this Gospel reading. She can so identify with Martha that she feels sorry for her.

There is no doubt that Jesus loves visiting Martha’s home, where He always receives lots of love and a good home-cooked meal. So, after another busy day, week, maybe even month of preaching and teaching, healing and restoring, being accepted and rejected, Jesus returns to Bethany for some much needed R&R. Martha, excited that Jesus has come, and vexed by the number of people who have come with him, steps up the preparations for a wonderful meal.
I can just picture her in the kitchen – roast in the oven, biscuits baking, veggies boiling, salad prepared and an apple pie or two cooling in the window sill. And it all is coming to a head. She needs help.

Martha is the only person in the Bible I know who tells Jesus what to do! (Mind you, I said “in the Bible” because sometimes I find myself in a Martha moment.) Even His own Mother didn’t say to Him at the wedding in Cana, “Get these poor people some more wine!” She simply turns and tells the attendants to “Do whatever He tells you.” But Martha actually goes to Jesus, who is just relaxing, talking to His friends, and commands Him, “Lord, don’t you care? Tell my sister to help me!”

Jesus’ response is actually quite loving. He is trying to tell her that peanut butter and jelly sandwiches would be just fine; He doesn’t need a four-course meal. He just wants to spend time with her and His other friends and find nourishment for the soul as well as the body. Yep, PB&J with some chips would be just fine.


Are there some things that I am overdoing, that I could cut back on, to make more time to spend with my family/my friends/my Lord?


Lord Jesus, in the midst of all the stuff I have to do today, remind me to make time to just sit and be with You, listening to Your words. Amen.

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  1. Kelly, I am SO with your mom on this one. I’m Martha, through and through, and this reading does make me feel bad for her. Maybe it’s because it strikes a nerve. It never occurred to me, though, that she’s the only person who ever dared to tell Jesus what to do. I think it points deep at her anxiety level that she would even do that.

    • We can get our panties in a wad, can’t we, Barb? We need to learn to let go and trust God. He knows what is truly necessary. It is a constant battle, though.

  2. Mary Ruhlman on

    Despite my name, I so identify with Martha! I have to keep reminding myself what is most important. This Gospel never fails to draw me up short and renew my resolve not to fall back into my same old pattern.

    • Mary, I think most of us moms have more Martha than Mary in us. It is good and well to keep in mind that, in the end, the Church calls her Saint Martha!

  3. Dear Kelly,
    Great thoughts. No doubt that this is one scripture reading that we can all relate to.
    God Bless you for taking your time to remind us of the importance of spending time with Jesus

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