Daily Gospel Reflection for October 11, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:1-4

October 11 is a very important day for me: it was on October 11, 2004 that my loving father Larry passed away.

I remember the day so vividly. How we had just returned from the pumpkin patch in anticipation of Hallowe’en. How I was preparing to meet Mom and Dad at my in-laws for (Canadian) Thanksgiving Dinner. How the doorbell rang and how surprised I was to see Father Smith at my door. How he sat me down and how loving, caring, and respectful he was as he shared the horrific news. How I sat in total shock, not believing what I had just heard. And how heartbroken I was to find my mom weeping in her living room…the police had beaten me to the house by a mere two minutes.

In today’s Gospel passage, Jesus teaches His disciples how to pray by teaching them the Lord’s Prayer. This prayer implores us to call God “our Father” and gives us important instructions on how to live our lives and how to treat others.

God the Father is kind, loving, forgiving, compassionate, and loyal. He delights in us and His love and grace make us want to be more like Him.

My father Larry had many of the same attributes. He was kind, loving, forgiving, compassionate, and loyal. I wanted to be just like him.

It’s fitting that Dad passed away on Thanksgiving as there is so much to him that I’m thankful for. Simply put, he was an amazing man who always put the needs of others ahead of his own.

Thank you Dad for teaching me what it means to be a man.

Thank you Dad for showing me how to raise my children.

Thank you Dad for being my father, my friend, and my hero. I love you.


Are you ready, able, and willing to forgive as Jesus forgives?


God our Father: thank You for Your love, Your mercy, and Your compassion. Give me the strength to forgive others and the grace to embrace Your holy will.

Copyright 2017 Clayton Imoo

Clayton Imoo is husband to Gail and father to Sean, Jacob, and Kayla. He has served as the Director of the Youth and Young Adult Ministry Office of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vancouver for the past 14 years. He speaks, plays music, creates YouTube videos, and writes a blog on family, faith and the Vancouver Canucks at www.claytonimoo.com

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  1. How blessed we are to have fathers who so closely mirror our Heavenly Father. I am so sorry for your loss. Losing a wonder dad leaves a hole in our lives; to loss him so suddenly and unexpectly must be too difficult for words.

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