Autumn and the Soul

"Autumn and the soul" by Jason Weirich (

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Leaves are starting to change from green to bright shades of red, orange, and yellow. Days are shorter, and we are forced to make the most of the precious sunlight that we have. Pumpkin- and apple-flavored EVERYTHING are now available at your local grocery stores and farmer’s market. Fall sports are back, and football is on every night regardless of who your favorite team is. Campfires are filled with the sounds of fire crackling among the firewood. You can smell a campfire on every corner.

Our soul needs autumn. Our souls do not need the temporary fixes that we find in our seasonal obsessions with apples and pumpkins but the real soul stirrings that the change of seasons brings. We need to slow down and enjoy the slower pace that autumn extends to us.  Summer is often a busy season for vacations, traveling, and a break from the routine. The significant difference between summer and autumn is that autumn usually gives us glimpses of hope that we have not seen all year.

As nature and the weather change around us, something stirs within our souls. We want to slow down … but can we?  In a world of instant (and often superficial) gratification, how will we find peace with Jesus in autumn?

I encourage you to adventure into autumn … with Jesus.

  1. Spend the day outdoors. Plan to participate in an activity that brings you life. Does raking leaves make you feel alive? Do campfires and the stillness of night calm down your anxiety from the workday?
  2. Start a leaf collection. No, this is not your middle-school science teacher’s leaf collection!!! Gather a small crate or box outside of your door. Place different leaves into the box/crate. After collecting between 20-30 leaves, begin to catalog your collection. Take pictures of your leaves. If you are an artist, feel free to recreate your leaves on drawing paper. Share your collection on social media. Our world could benefit from more shared beauty.
  3. Turn the news off. I am not advocating for you to live in silence, but a day without the anxious coma known as “the news” will be good for you.
  4. Visit a farm or orchard. Notice how preparation is done for the harvest and how the harvest is stored. What has Jesus done within you that He will use for good in the future? You might have scars from wounds in your life but those scars have stories of hope and courage and others in the Kingdom need hope. We all need hope.

Your soul needs autumn.

Copyright 2017 Jason Weirich


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