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Moms, by their very nature, usually put the needs of their family before themselves. Moms typically eat lukewarm meals (on a good day), never consider taking a sick day, and rarely get the recommended hours of sleep each night. Traditionally moms have embraced this lifestyle like a champ. What burden does this lifestyle place on our mind, body, and soul? Catholic Conference for Moms founder, Tami Kiser, sits down with renowned Catholic doctor, Michael Parker, to help us answer that question.

Our health is something us moms take for granted until faced with illness. A year ago, my hands began to itch. Soon the itch turned into swelling, pain, and peeling. The condition continued for over a year. My husband, in attempts to lighten the situation, often teases that I should announce, “unclean, unclean” as I traversed our hallway. You do not realize how often you use your hands until you are unable to use your hands. This puzzling case of Atopic Dermatitis provides ample opportunities of grace along with the frustration.

It is my year-long battle with the chronic illness that led me to choose Dr. Michael Parker’s session to review. The Holy Spirit’s generosity overwhelms me some days. Dr. Parker’s advice confirmed much of what I’ve been reading as I search for a cure. His words brought me hope for healing. His interview blesses moms not only with sound advice on how to improve our physical well-being but also our mental, emotional, and spiritual lives.

Presentation Keys and Highlights:

  • Diet as medicine
  • Inflammation and our overall health
  • Healthy food choices including good fats
  • Importance of a good night’s sleep
  • The role of sleep in handling stress and in healing
  • How community makes us better moms, wives, and friends
  • Ideas on where to find healthy communities
  • Making time for silence (*just typing this makes me wince a little, ha ha)
  • Power of prayer
  • Why consider Natural Family Planning and the resources to support making the decision
Catholic Conference 4 Moms

Copyright 2017 Tami Kiser. All rights reserved.

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  1. So sorry about your hands. I’m tempted to give you all kinds of suggestions for help, but know you’ve been through all of that. I’m sure you see it as your special stigmata of sorts. Keep praying for healing. I’ll say a special prayer to our Lady today for you.

    • I am always open to suggestions. It has been a long year but one filled with truly sweet moments of inspirations and lessons from God that could not be taught to me apart from this chronic condition. Thank you for the prayers!! I continue to try to work out my diet to find the right combination for me… no easy feat, but I know not impossible either!! Everything passes …

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