Daily Gospel Reflection for October 13, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:15-26

I wonder what I would have felt as a Hebrew hearing the prophesy of Joel. Lament, howl, cry, tremble. Darkness, destruction, whirlwinds, like nothing seen from the beginning or again for generations…had they really gone so far astray as a people that such a day would be necessary? I’m sure that looking around me I would have found all the signs: the false worship, the immorality, the broken commandments. Perhaps I would have felt the same uncertainty that I often feel about our world today. There is so much confusion and so many feel lost. How do we know what is right anymore? Even the people in the Gospel could not see clearly enough to know that the Christ was standing right in front of them. They went so far as to confuse him with the Devil. What a world!

Yet, the Psalm is so positive. It speaks of the goodness of the Lord, who judges rightly and cannot be undone. What a great consolation! Our God has seen difficult times before and has not failed His people. Even in our darkest hour, He is with us, ready to purify and save us.

Still, we must be faithful to Him to see this victory. Christ reminds His disciples that His kingdom will not be divided and that those who are not with Him will fall. He is just, but it goes both ways. That is why the Psalm is so hopeful. We who love the Lord have our trust in Him; we have nothing to fear. The wicked may perish, but the faithful will find their reward. This world may still be broken, just as in Joel’s time, but we only have to remain with God and we will soon find ourselves like the psalmist, rejoicing in our salvation.


How can I encourage true worship of the Lord through my example? How can I be a faithful witness to my family, my community, my country, and the whole world?


Lord, I know that Your justice is also Your mercy, purifying us in order to save us. Help me to stay close to You even when I am tempted to fall away. Remind me that this world will soon pass, but in You I will find my salvation.

Copyright 2017 Brittany Storgaard

Brittany is a high school theology and Spanish teacher blessed with two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband. They live in Colorado and enjoy spending time with their families, watching football, and enjoying God’s breathtaking mountains!

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