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I was part of a homeschool Facebook group where someone mentioned how much they liked their Bluetooth speaker. My oldest has started listening to audiobooks but I didn’t always feel like giving up my phone. So I thought a Bluetooth speaker seemed like a great idea.

I had it in my mind that it was going to be expensive, but it turns out they’re pretty cheap! I got one for less than $15. Sure, you can buy something with more featuresk like an Echo  or a fancy Bose speaker, but the dinky one I got has great sound and works just fine for everything we use it for!

The exact one I bought was unavailable but this one looks just the same, has great reviews and is also inexpensive! I’m not gonna lie, I like that it’s pink too!

Here’s what we use our nifty little speaker for:

  1. Listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack … all. the. time.
  2. Listening to audiobooks like Little House on the Prairie. I can put on an audiobook for the girls in their bedroom but keep my phone with me. You don’t need (and I don’t recommend) an Audible membership to listen to audiobooks. Read more here at Read Aloud Revival
  3. Kitchen dance parties. I’m talking full-blown Taylor Swift or Frank Sinatra with much better sound quality than my cell phone. How did we ever survive before?
  4. Playing our memory work for school. We have a CD for the Classically Catholic Memory curriculum that helps the girls memorize religion, history, math, and science!

I especially like that I can put my phone up and just enjoy the book or song that we’re listening to. Before, I found myself holding it more, looking at other things, and so on. Goodness knows, we need to spend less time on our phones and I’m glad this has helped me in that area.

The sound is so great and the speaker is so small that I carry it into whatever room we’re in and put it on a shelf or a table nearby. It’s been liberating and inspiring. We have tried out more music and more stories because it’s easy and sounds so nice.

Starting in Advent, we will listen to a great deal of Angels and Saints by the Benedictine nuns. This streams FREE if you have Amazon prime.

I wish you beautiful music and lovely stories! Let’s create a culture that has less television and more of these things!

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