Daily Gospel Reflection for October 14, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:27-28

Humility. That is the word I thought of when reading through this short passage. Mary is the humble handmaid who is focused on doing God’s will and bringing others closer to her Son. It is not about her or about how blessed she is, but about how she can bring the blessing of her Son and her intimate awareness of the Gospel message to others. She is not speaking in this passage; she might have not even been present that day, but Jesus is speaking for her because He knows exactly what she would have replied to the praises bestowed on her by the crowd. She would have turned the praises from herself and focused them on what is the most important: listening to God’s word and obeying His will.

In this moment of public praise of His mother, Jesus could have easily agreed with the crowd, He could have affirmed that yes, His mother was blessed. He knew better than anyone how sinless she was and how holy her womb was. He loved her dearly and could have proudly acknowledged her greatness. But instead, He redirects the attention to the bigger picture and gives the credit back to God.

For each of us when we are praised or hear a compliment about someone we love, it is well and good to be proud of that praise; but it is essential, I think, to remember to link that praise back to God from whom all of our blessings, including our very existence, originate. Everything that we do is meant to be a reflection of God and not about advancing our own status or title. Mary has the most honorable title possible as the Mother of God, yet she is the most humble human that has ever lived.


How can the praises I receive be redirected back to God?


Lord, help me to be as humble as Your mother, who lives only to reflect the goodness of God and keeps none of the credit for herself.

Copyright 2017 Hannah Christensen

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