Daily Gospel Reflection for October 17, 2017 - St. Ignatius of Antioch


Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:37-41 – St. Ignatius of Antioch

Washing your hands seems easy enough. It’s our modern way of staving off colds, flu and any other wicked germs we’ve ignorantly picked up during the day.

In the same way, we pick up germs of hate, jealously, greediness and gossip. Sometimes we pick up these germs from the people we spend time with, but often the germs come from within us. We become the agents of disease in our own families, to our friends and to the strangers we meet everyday.

Jesus points this out to the Pharisees’ uncleanness and gives them water to wash themselves. He gives to us the same water to clean our hearts: give.

When you start to believe that you are important, pause, and remember what is important to God. Give yourself back to God and take care of those who need you and those who are forgotten. God will be faithful to clean your heart.


Do I need to leave behind friendships or activities which lead my heart to sin?


O God, forgive me when I forget to care for the needs of others. Help me to serve You as You create in me a clean heart. Amen

Copyright 2017 Linda Lobmeyer

Linda Lobmeyer is a single Catholic laywoman and an attorney practicing law in her hometown in southwest Kansas. She enjoys spending time with her many nieces and nephews, writing poetry, and all things outdoors.

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  1. Linda, I love the analogy of our sins being like germs making us spiritually sick. This makes it easy for not only me but my children to understand the need to take precations to prevent these “germs” from infesting us! Thanks for sharing.

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