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Finding time to read is hard. As a young girl and a student, I loved to read and found plenty of time to do so. Now as a mom with multiple small children, finding the time and the motivation to read when all my energy is taken away by so many other responsibilities is quite the challenge.

I started to really feel the absence of literature in my life a year or two ago and realized how much I missed the enjoyable hobby and the intellectual stimulation. I wanted to start reading again, but I didn’t know what books to look for or how to find time to read. I felt at a loss and almost like I was out of practice when it came to reading. Then I discovered the Well-Read Mom.

This is an organization that helps women start and cultivate local book clubs for moms. They provide you with all the materials, including a book list for the year with an annual theme and high-quality books to read each month. There are audio presentations, group discussion questions, and reading study guides. You can find a group in your area or you can start your own group.

You can sign up to a member and receive all the materials for the whole year for just $39.95. As a member, you have all the information you need to lead a Well-Read Mom book club.

That is what one of my local friends did. She signed up for the membership and then invited a group of moms to get together once a month at one of our homes. The wonderful thing about the membership is that you can just have one person sign up and then all the members of your group can share the resources during the monthly meetings.

I am so grateful to my mom friend who started this group in my area. It gave me the motivation I needed to start reading more regularly and to realize all over again how much I love to read great books. It has allowed us as a group of moms to have the opportunity to read a new book monthly while socializing with each other through our in-depth discussions.

Having the pressure of finishing a book by the beginning of each month has helped me to make more time to read. It’s a funny thing how you can find the time when certain tasks become a priority!

If Well-Read Mom sounds like something you would like to participate in, go check it out and start one in your area. Your friends will thank you!


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  1. I love being a part of a Well-read Mom club. And although I seldom can make it to any of the meetings, I still try to read the book that everyone is reading. We often talk about the book even when we aren’t officially at a Well-read Mom meeting. I like that it gives me a challenging read that I probably would not have picked up myself. And I like that little bit of pressure to get the book read.
    Thanks, Hannah, for writing about this. I have skipped a couple of months but now want to get back to it.

    • Isn’t it a great organization? I really enjoy the challenge as well. It is so much more motivating than trying to read those books on my own and to have someone else pick the next book I’m going to read so I don’t have to!

  2. The Well-Read Mom Club sounds great; I will have to check it out (excuse the pun). In the interim, I am enjoying listening to the classics on Audible + Amazon Alexa + App. You reallt must check-it-out too!

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