Daily Gospel Reflection for October 18, 2017 - St. Luke, Evangelist


Today’s Gospel: Luke 10:1-9

Notice that Jesus instructed his disciples to pray before they went ahead of Him to nearby towns, to ask the Master of the harvest to send worthy laborers. We need to pay attention to the same instructions.

Pray first. Then evangelize.
Pray, because grace, fortitude and perseverance will be needed as we go out into a world in which our beliefs are neither popular nor respected.
Pray, because we can’t stuff into a suitcase everything we need for our spiritual journeys the way we would pack for a journey by car, train or airplane.
Pray, because we do not know if or where we and the message we deliver will be welcomed.
Pray first. In this way, our work to spread the Good News may be sanctified.


In what ways am I called to evangelize, to bring Christ to those around me?


As we celebrate the feast of St. Luke, the evangelist, may God grant us the grace, fortitude and perseverance to bring the light of Christ to all we meet.

Copyright 2017 Barb Szyszkiewicz, OFS

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  1. Hi Barb
    Great message pray first before we go out to witness to whomever God sends us. I recall that my husband and had the task of assembling a greenhouse which arrived in many small pieces and the instructions. I prayed to st. Joseph asking him to help us and to give us patience. It was absolutely amazing because when we were getting a little frustrated. We took a break and low and behold the greenhouse went up so smoothly. I indeed thanked St. Joseph for helping us. I am sure if I didn’t pray things would have been a mess and we would have yelled at each other.

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