Daily Gospel Reflection for October 19, 2017 - Sts. John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues & Companions


Today’s Gospel: Luke 11:47-54 – Sts. John de Brébeuf, Isaac Jogues & Companions

As I reflect on today’s passage, I think a lot about wisdom. Jesus says the Pharisees and scribes built monuments for the prophets, but they seem to only be reinforcing the actions of their ancestors who killed the prophets, not living in accord with what the prophets taught. They have knowledge of what happened but not true wisdom on how to act as a result.

Then Jesus admonishes the lawyers for taking away the keys of knowledge. They are the official interpreters of scripture and yet they do not share the scripture in ways that can help others. As a result, they are actually keeping others from true knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

This Gospel challenges me to think about wisdom on several different levels. First of all, in what ways do I seek out true wisdom? I need to do more than just have a basic understanding and awareness of God’s message. I need to pray for the wisdom necessary for letting God’s words impact my own actions. Second, in what ways have I maybe purposely turned away from those who have tried to share God’s wisdom with me? Have I turned my back on the teachers and the martyrs of our own times, or do I listen to their words in order to grow in my relationship with Jesus? And finally, am I sharing the “keys of knowledge” with others? I should not be like the lawyers who failed to interpret the scriptures for others. Once I’ve received wisdom, I need to pay it forward.


How can I grow in wisdom in one small way today?


Lord, help me to be open to wisdom of Your words and teach me to share the joy of this wisdom with others.

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A.J. Cattapan is an award-winning author, speaker, and middle school English teacher. Her debut young adult novel, Angelhood, has been an Amazon bestseller in Christian teen fiction and won two awards. Her second novel, Seven Riddles to Nowhere, tells the story of a boy trying to save his Catholic school from closing. Follow her at www.ajcattapan.com.

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