Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please. (And a Promo Code!)

"Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please." by Lindsay Schlegel (

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As a parent, I try every day to teach my kids that our faith is not a hobby or a solace we dip into from time to time, when things are really good or really bad, but rather the center of our lives. Whose we are and what we believe must, necessarily, impact every aspect of our days.

On one hand, this doesn’t mean that everything we do or every product we use has to be overtly religious. When you look, there is truth, goodness, and beauty in all kinds of things. Still, I love when opportunities crop up to incorporate Scripture or our traditions into activities we might otherwise have separated away. Like building with LEGOs, for instance.

Two Mamas on a Mission

I got to know a bit about the company, Our Picnic Tree, before seeing the product in person. Betsey and Melissa are sisters who wanted to create a faith-based building toy for their kids. Last year, they launched a successful Kickstarter campaign and have been in business ever since. Their perseverance and dedication to the idea is an inspiration in itself.

"Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please." by Lindsay Schlegel (

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel. All rights reserved.

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review their Scripture Stackers — building-brick sets that bring Scripture stories and heroes to life. We received a 140-piece Nativity Set, as well as a collection of six mini-figures from the Old Testament.

"Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please." by Lindsay Schlegel (

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel. All rights reserved.

Kid Approved

“Thrilled” is probably an understatement for my kids’ reaction when they saw what was inside the box. They promptly took to assembling Noah, King Solomon, Moses, and more. Each character comes with at least one accessory — Noah has a sheep, King Solomon has a throne (which was super fun to build), and Moses has a burning bush (my favorite part!).

"Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please." by Lindsay Schlegel (

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel. All rights reserved.

Each one related to a story the kids had heard before, and it was so encouraging, as a parent, to see my kids excited about having toys they could use to reenact the stories that went along with them.

They helped me set up our little cast for photos …

"Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please." by Lindsay Schlegel (

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel. All rights reserved.

… and then we moved on to the bigger set depicting the Nativity. My older guy took to the construction of the stable right away. While these blocks are not LEGOs, they are compatible with those and other similar sets, and they work in the same way. As with LEGOs, you don’t need to read to work through the instructions, which meant my middle guy could be involved as well.

We worked together to bring the scene to life, and I had as much fun as they did. Some of the pieces are not totally rectangular; there are chunks that look like they’ve been chipped away, so that the structure looks like it’s made of stone. I love that detail!

My middle guy was awed by the size of the star. He put himself in charge of assembling the three wise men in their colorful garb. My little lady was more interested in the people and animals than the bricks, so there was really something for everyone. It should be noted, though, that some of the pieces are quite small, so children under five should be supervised when playing with these toys.

"Bricks and Bibles? Yes, Please." by Lindsay Schlegel (

Copyright 2017 Lindsay Schlegel. All rights reserved.

Get Your Own!

If you’d like to get your own set—the nativity would be great during Advent, and the mini-figures would be perfect for the Feast of St. Nicholas or stocking stuffers—Our Picnic Tree is offering 30% off the price of your entire order to readers. Use code FALL30 at checkout. It’s valid through November 30, 2017.

Happy building!

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  1. This is so great! I completely share your affinity for this great company. My family and I did an unboxing video of Scripture Stackers on our YouTube Channel ‘Catholic Conundrum’ for kids and teens…my kids LOVED this set!

    My son has continued to play with it on our kitchen table…I’m not sure it will ever be returned to the box. He especially likes the Goliath figure for some reason…total boy, I guess! 🙂

    Thanks for spreading the word about this great product that enhances faith through play. God bless you! 🙂

  2. Concerned Catholic Mom - Lindsay on

    Initially, I was really excited about this product, it looked great on the surface. However, I noticed the product description states, “Our Premier Collection includes assorted Mini-Figures…and a set with Lehi, Sariah, Nephi and his Broken Bow.” As a Catholic, I had never heard of these characters. After reading more about the “Nephi and his Broken Bow” product, the description clearly says, “This exclusive set depicts the infamous story from The Book of Mormon about Nephi and his family hunting in the wilderness when Nephi broke his bow.” That’s not in Sacred Scripture.

    This company is clearly founded by members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism) and promotes Mormon “teachings”–not Catholicism. This is troubling because followers of may read this and be unaware, unintentionally purchasing and promoting heretical beliefs. For example, I shared this with a Catholic friend and only after the fact did I realize exactly what it was. should not promote companies and products that directly contradict our Catholic Faith (e.g., a group that sends folks door-to-door proselytizing Catholics out of the Faith). For example, Holy Heroes sells a Lego product promoting the Mass:

    I’ve been following for sometime, but going forward it’s unfortunate that I’ll have to be more careful about what I read and the products promoted. This article should be removed from (and social media sites on which it was promoted).

    • Hi Lindsay,
      Thank you for your feedback and for bringing this to our attention! We will check into this issue with the leadership team.
      It should be noted that the company sent our author a product sample that included a Nativity Set and Old Testament figures: in other words, nothing contradictory to our faith or our Scriptures. She did not receive the Nephi and his Broken Bow set, which (on the product website) is clearly labeled as coming from the Book of Mormon.
      While we agree that supporting Catholic companies who make Catholic products is ideal, we do occasionally offer information about products that may be of interest to our readers but which are not specifically Catholic or made by Catholic companies. The products reviewed here do not contradict our faith and are a fun addition to a family’s LEGO collection.
      Peace and all good,

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