Daily Gospel Reflection for October 24, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 12:35-38

Christ’s parables always seem so simple when I first hear or read them. Initially, today’s reading seemed clear – the Lord is coming back, so be ready. That’s fine as far as it goes, but Jesus didn’t tell the parables because he liked the sound of His own voice or because He thought He was a great storyteller. He was teaching, and the stakes involved couldn’t be higher, for the disciples and for us. Every word matters.

Servants: Gird your loins. Light your lamps. Be vigilant. Open immediately. Prepared. Second or third watch. Blessed.

Now, the parable takes on a sense of urgency it didn’t have before.

Have I girded my loins (readied myself for hard labor or even battle)? Have I lit my lamps (made sure I have plenty of oil and placed them in dark areas that need light)? Am I vigilant (not just prepared but always checking to make sure things are still in good shape)? Second or third watch (can I maintain no matter how long it takes for the Master to return)? Will I be blessed?

Digging deeper into the parables can be a humbling task but these parables – like everything Christ said or did while in the world – are gifts for us.

Choose to do the hard work God sets before you (gird your loins). Receive the sacraments as often as you can and encourage others to do the same (light your lamps, push back the darkness). Don’t sit back on your laurels, but look around see what else you can do (vigilance is not a one time thing). Have faith the Lord will come when the time is right (someone has to work the late shift, why not me?). Know that you are blessed to be a servant of the Lord, here and now.


What does the word “servant” mean to me?


Most gracious and loving God, in the world today, the words “servant” and “master” are loaded with unhealed wounds. Help me remember that a servant who loves is filled with joy and a Master who loves thinks not of self but always of others. Amen.

Copyright 2017 Annette K. Tenny

Annette K. Tenny is a freelance writer, member of the Catholic Writers Guild and a regular contributor to the Catholic News Herald, the Charlotte, North Carolina, Diocesan newspaper.

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