Diving into Scripture this Advent

"Diving into Scripture this Advent" by Kate Taliaferro (CatholicMom.com)

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I don’t know about you but I cannot believe that I’m already receiving emails asking me to sign up for daily or weekly Advent reflections. It makes me so excited! Advent is one of my favorite liturgical seasons. It is such a rich, vivid season. There are specific phrases from Scripture and the liturgy that help us to dial into the season:

  • A voice cries out in the wilderness
  • O come Emmanuel
  • The King of glory comes
  • Let it be done unto me according to thy word
  • Maranthana
  • Prepare the way of the Lord

Indeed, Advent is about preparing ourselves for the coming of our Savior. The reflections, the readings, the wreaths all point us in the direction of preparation and intense listening. This year I really felt challenged to take a proactive approach to my Advent. While I’m still going to be reading the reflections I usually subscribe to, I’m also going to be starting a new Scripture journaling project that I want to share with you.

I have created a completely free and brand new Lectio Divina Bible Journal for the season of Advent. This is a downloadable printable, which means you can print one copy for yourself or 20 for your small group. I prayerfully went through the lectionary readings and chose one verse or short passage for your Lectio Divina. But I also included a blank page at the end if you want to choose your own passages or if you want to continue into the Christmas Season.

I hope that this journal provides you the space to really dive into Scripture and find out the stories that gave the Israelite people such a strong hope and faith in the Messiah. The stories and passages for Advent are often familiar and if we aren’t careful, can feel repetitive. Hopefully this journal will give you the opportunity to discover new depth, insight, wisdom and peace in these verses. Click on any of the links to head to my blog, dailygraces.net, to get your copy.

May your Advent be peaceful and joyful!

Copyright Kate Taliaferro 2017


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