Daily Gospel Reflection for October 27, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 12:54-59

Every so often, we hear doomsday predictions. One group or another claims that the end of the world is coming. Despite the admonition in the Bible that no one knows the day nor the time, these people do.

When I was a child, one such claim worried me. When I shared my concerns with my mother, she reassured me by telling me she had been worried once, too, but only once. She laid awake all night in fear that the end was near. Of course it wasn’t, and she vowed never to be bothered by such predictions again. I tell my own children the same story to reassure them and to remind them to always be ready for when Jesus does come again.

While we can predict and deduct and have vast amounts of knowledge at our fingertips thanks to technology, we often fail to grasp what is common knowledge. We will die. We will have to account for our lives.


Do you send an inordinate amount of time or energy worrying about worldly things, at the expense of spiritual matters?


Dear Jesus, help me see clearly what truly matters – what is temporal and unimportant and what is critical to my salvation.

Copyright 2017 Carolyn Astfalk

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