Daily Gospel Reflection for October 31, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 13:18-21

In the Gospel today, Jesus tells two now-familiar parables about the Kingdom of God. The parable of the mustard seed tells us how a tiny seed grows into a bush large enough for birds to nest in. The parable of the yeast illustrates how this tiny bacterium makes bread dough rise and become light and airy. These parables tell about something that is small but powerful becoming bigger than itself. In the Church, that power is the Holy Spirit. He is that unseen power that made the Church grow into the worldwide body it is today.

On this day, many people celebrate Halloween dressing up as spirits or ghosts, but All Hallow’s Eve, now known as Halloween, was celebrated in the church long before there were ever scary movies and evil characters to imitate. Just as Christmas Eve is the celebration of the coming of the Savior the next day, so too Halloween was a celebration of All Saints’ Day on November 1st. We remember and celebrate the lives of so many people who possessed the power of the Holy Spirit. Their lives are a model of the power we can have if we seek to obey the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is that power that can make the seed of our lives grow into the tree of the life God intended for us.

Think about all the little things we can do to spread that seed or be that yeast for the world. We have the Holy Spirit to help us and guide us. We can be the means of helping the Church spread and grow.


Do you believe the Holy Spirit can take the tiny seed of your life and grow something from it for the Kingdom of God?


Holy Spirit, be the power within me to be the seed or the yeast that helps spread the Kingdom of God.

Copyright 2017 Laurann Donahue

Laurann is a homechooling mother of five (two are now grown) and a part time DRE. She has taught First Sacraments RE and RCIA for children for the past decade, and enjoys talking about and studying her faith.

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