Daily Gospel Reflection for November 1, 2017 - Feast of All Saints


Today’s Gospel: Matthew 5:1-12A – Feast of All Saints

It is easy to hold the Saints up much as we do celebrities, thinking of them as if they were famous people who caught the eye of society, much like Saint Teresa of Calcutta. The reality is, many of them were never known by the public and their example didn’t reach all the corners of the earth like we might imagine. Instead, the saints show us that when difficult times hit, there is an opportunity to bring value out of our suffering and allow love for Christ to motivate us to share that love with others.

Saints come in all shapes, sizes and ages, but sadly, are “found few and far between”. We are all called to be saints, but the reality of obtaining this takes a lot of work. Saints are gifts to each generation to remind us that if we allow ourselves to love Christ and live our life for Him, holiness is possible. Sainthood is not a random occurrence; rather, being a saint is about deliberately living for Christ.

Isn’t it amazing that when we celebrate All Saints’ Day we take time out to reflect on the Beatitudes? The Beatitudes are a powerful way to bring holiness into reality. Holiness is not only an option for us but that for which we were made! Our happiness on earth and in the afterlife depends on our relationship with Christ. The Beatitudes are like a ladder to heaven. They show us that being humble is essential and that through a heartfelt response and purposeful actions to promote Christian justice, we can make a difference.

The real key to being a saint is not about being “Pinterest Perfect”, but rather, about developing a relationship with Christ that is grounded in an active prayer life. Prayer is how we know what God is asking us to do, and how we will gain the strength we need to be a Christian. Prayer is where we learn about the work Christ is calling us to do for the Kingdom of God.


Do you think sainthood is possible?


Dear Lord, teach me to love You in a way that transforms my own life and those around me. Help me to not despair about my shortcomings, but turn to You for strength. Amen.

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