The Sixth Sense and the Holy Souls


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One great joy of belonging to the family we call Church is the privilege of helping the Holy Souls to enter heaven.

The Church “commends almsgiving, indulgences, and works of penance undertaken on behalf of the dead.” (CCC 1032) Our penances here on earth are offered to help the Holy Souls of our loved ones to be cleansed of their sins and brought to God in heaven.

Saint Augustine assures us: “It cannot be doubted that the prayers of the Church relieve the Holy Souls, and move God to treat them with more clemency than their sins deserve.”

This may be a difficult topic to discuss as a family. If you’ve had someone close to you die, you’ve probably wondered what happens next. This doesn’t have to be frightening. Remember how our Catholic faith reassures us and offers us the opportunity to help our loved ones be reunited with God.

As a family, please pray together today for the Holy Souls, your family members and especially the forgotten.

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