Daily Gospel Reflection for November 4, 2017 - St. Charles Borromeo


Today’s Gospel: Luke 14:1, 7-11

The word “exalts” did not resonate with me when I prayerfully reflected on this gospel passage from Luke. As I turned to a thesaurus to find a synonym for “exalted” I found “praise, acclaim, esteem, elevate”. I asked myself, what or who do I praise, acclaim, hold in high regard, elevate? There are many things that I am proud to elevate: God, church, my family. But there are also areas of my life that I exalt that I am ashamed of; others’ opinions of me, my vanity, the ease with which I put social media and gossip with friends before prayer time.

The struggle is real to humble myself most days, and God knows this about me all too well. And yet He loves me unconditionally in spite of my ridiculous attempts to place myself in a position of honor in matters that are of no real importance. The eternal banquet that God invites us to share with Him is the only place of honor that should matter to us. God invites me daily to move closer to Him through humble service to the least of His flock.


How comfortable am I taking the lowest place in order to grow closer to God?


Heavenly Father, grant that I may be made worthy through the gift of Your grace to sit at the banquet with You.

Copyright 2017 Amy Morris

Amy is a member of a Dominican Catholic parish in Ohio. She is married and blessed to be the mother of two girls, one biological and one through marriage. She is a speech pathologist, volunteer and struggling athlete, and can be found at @ahmslp on twitter.

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  1. You are not alone in exalting areas of your life you’re not proud of. I am VERY guilty of this. Today’s Gospel was a great reminder, and motivator, that I need to get this under control. Just the though of being asked to move to a lower position by The Host should be motivation enough to humble myself now, before it’s too late.

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