Daily Gospel Reflection for November 7, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 14:15-24

We’ve all done it: left an event early to beat the traffic, only to learn later we missed the best part. The finale at the fireworks show turned out to be twice as good as ever before. Our losing sports team made a last minute play that made sports history, securing a win at the bottom of the ninth. The band we went to see did an unprecedented encore, playing the song we waited all night to hear.

The next day, when we hear the news, we kick ourselves. We were there! Why did we leave? If only we hadn’t prioritized getting on the road, over what brought us there in the first place. Realizing our mistake, we’d gladly spend two hours in traffic for the chance to experience what we missed.

In this scripture passage, each of the invited guests prioritizes something else over the banquet, and asks to be excused before the dinner is even served. The host goes into a rage and declares they will never taste his dinner.

We are all invited to a similar banquet, the banquet of discipleship in Christ. We don’t have to earn a seat at the table. Jesus did that for us.

However, we can’t bail out early. We have to stay the course, for the duration. We can’t just leave faith behind when things get tough and we experience our own personal traffic jam. Worse yet, we can’t walk away, and towards something else that looks better, seems more important, or feels easier. If we do, we won’t just miss out on a great finale, a history-making sports turnaround, or the encore of a lifetime. We’ll miss out on the whole purpose we were put on this earth in the first place: to experience the kingdom of God.


Am I guilty of prioritizing other things over my faith?


Dear God, help me to keep You, and discipleship for You, as my top priority. Remind me that “all that glitters is not gold.”

Copyright 2017 Claire McGarry

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