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Generally, when one thinks of fasting, they think of Lent. Fasting is such a rich part of our Catholic faith that has many seasons — Advent, fasting and praying for the end of abortion, fasting and praying for our own intentions.

Last year, during the chaos of the election, my husband and I decided to fast. We did not have a particular candidate we wanted to win. We just prayed that God’s will would happen and our country would be able to get through these turbulent times. While that is still in our prayers, the urgency and anxiety isn’t quite what it was during election season. We have continued fasting now for our own special intention.

When we discussed fasting as a couple, we decided to do a “mix” of fasting. I let my husband be the leader and decide what things would be good to fast from. We are both avid football fans, so we didn’t want to entirely stop watching TV and miss out on supporting our alma maters. We both have sweet teeth and we also spend a lot of time on our smartphones and iPads. We already fast on Fridays, and try to stay meatless. We decided to continue our fasting on the weekends. On Saturdays and Sundays we decided, dependent on the schedule and also the temptations, to fast either from dessert, vegetating in front of the TV, or getting lost in electronics. While our nation is still in turmoil and our personal special intention has not occurred, we continue to reap benefits from the fasting.

Our fasting has brought us closer together as a couple, taken a little bit of weight off of us and have allowed for some organizing time, communication time and just time to remember that we don’t have to be zombies in front of the TV to relax.

So the “giving up” has a actually been an additive gift. Not only are my husband and I closer, but it has brought us closer in our faith.

Advent is coming up and that’s a perfect time for fasting. Who knows: maybe you will find it results in more cuddle time on the couch and a closer marriage.

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Meg Herriot is a veterinarian and Third Order Dominican. She enjoys spending time with family, friends, and pets and blogging at All Creatures Great and Crazy about being a veterinarian, mother, wife and most of all a Catholic trying to grow closer to God in a chaotic world.

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