Small Success: Numbers Don't Matter


This past week, I wondered how I would make this week’s column fresh until my thirteen-year-old threw down his book bag on the table. “I have to write up 100 blessings I’m grateful for,” he said. “Can I have some cookies with milk?”

“Am I one of your blessings?” I asked.

“Sure. I’m lucky. I’ve got twelve before I have to really work at it. Mom, Dad, Will, Bonnie, Marta, Peter, Faith, myself, Rita, Regina, Paul and Anna. Only eighty-eight left to go.”  He said.

I fixed his snack.

Around fifty-six, John faltered. “How do I do this?” he groused.

“Music. Sunsets. Having food to eat. Having a home. Going to school,” I suggested.

“32. 15. 21. 29,” he said.

“Your body. The seasons. Your faith. Your grandparents.”

“14. 18. 16. 44.”



“Just kidding. Okay, your sense of humor. Your friends. The Astros winning the World Series.”

“Okay, I’ll add that one. My friends are number 55. The Astros winning are on your list.”

“You bet they are.”

“Bet you couldn’t do 100 blessings,” he said.

I explained, “I pray a petition with each Hail Mary in a rosary, so I’m up to fifty-three without trying.”

He laughed. Numbers don’t matter, but sometimes, making yourself really stretch to see all the ways in which God permeates our lives with grace and blessings and miracles, helps us see more of God’s love in our lives. So for this week, stop and count your blessings and dare yourself to list them beyond when your brain first wants to stop.

I’m not going to put my list here, but suffice it to say, my cup runneth over. Hope you discover yours does too. Happy Small Success Thursday.

What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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