The Great Tortilla Chip in the Sky

"The great tortilla chip in the sky" by Jake Frost (

By Marco Verch (The tortilla chips in bowl) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

I was outside with my boys, aged 3 and 5, on a chilly October day in Minnesota, when a flock of wild geese flew by overhead.

“Look Dad!” one of the boys said. “They make a shape!”

I looked up to see the old familiar goose formation.

“Yep,” I agreed, “it’s a ‘V’!”

My son got a funny expression on his face like what I’d just said was crazy.

“No,” he corrected, “it’s a Dorito.”

I had to laugh.

We see the world in terms of the tools we have for understanding it. As the old saying goes: “If all you have is a hammer, you tend to see the world in terms of nails.”

And apparently for the pre-literate set that means snack chips.

But aside from a good chuckle, it also made me think of the importance of passing on the faith to our kids. There’s a bigger world out there than what the toolkit imparted by mass advertising will open for them. They won’t get the good stuff from our current pop culture, so it’s up to us parents. In the Faith are the tools our kids will need to understand the world, to appreciate it and navigate their way through its joys and sorrows. Our secular culture has lost all of that, so without us inculcating the Faith in our kids, they will be left adrift.

So whenever you see the great tortilla chip in the sky, let it be a summons to remind us that our kids were made for greater things than this—and we were too!

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Jake Frost is an attorney, husband, and father of four grade-school aged kids. He’s the author of four books: Catholic Dad: (Mostly) Funny Stories of Faith, Family, and Fatherhood, Catholic Dad 2: More (Mostly) Funny Stories of Faith, Family, and Fatherhood, Dust to Stars, Poems by Jake Frost, and a children’s book he also illustrated called The Happy Jar.

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