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Among all the wonderful and holy saints, Mary is our ultimate role model for what it means to be a faithful disciple of Christ.

“Her heart is sinless, immaculate, and pure. Mary’s heart is capable of pure love of God and for others.”

Father Edward Looney wanted to have a heart like Mary’s and so each day he began to pray,

“Mary, give me a heart like yours, attentive to the needs of others, generous, loving, and pure. Help me to treasure what happens today in the depths of my heart and to make intercession for others.”

After some time, he felt called by Mary to write A Heart like Mary’s: 31 Meditations to Help You Live and Love as She Does (Ave Maria Press, 2017) which “is intended for any person who wants to experience a greater transformation of heart.”

This collection of 31 meditations is meant to be read on a daily basis for one month. Each meditation begins with a quote from Scripture or an approved Marian apparition. This is followed by a reflection, a prayer, and then a practical step you can take to put this aspect of a Marian heart into practice.

May and October are both months dedicated to Mary. Each has 31 days and would be a perfect time to use this book. It could also be used for 31 days prior to any Marian feast as a special devotion or as part of a preparation for Marian consecration. The first 21 reflections are dedicated to “the attributes of Mary’s heart, as derived from the scriptures.” The last 10 days are dedicated to exploring the “desires of Mary’s heart as made known through approved private revelations.”

Father Looney has a personal, accessible writing style. There is much to ponder within these pages and each step will take you one step closer to having a heart like Mary’s, one full of love for Christ and neighbor. This is a small book – perfect to keep on a nightstand or tucked in a purse to be used whenever one has a free moment in a busy day. A Heart like Mary’s can be read over and over with new insights and meaning being discovered each time depending on what is going on in one’s life.


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