Daily Gospel Reflection for November 16, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 17:20-25

When is the coming of the kingdom? The Pharisees are so concerned. They want to know. They cannot see what is right in front of them. The kingdom is here. It is Jesus. The disciples know this. They follow. But Jesus warns that He will not always be there, and one day they will long for the days when He was among them. When He is not present they must be on the watch for false prophets and be careful not to follow.

How often are we deceived by the “flashing” of false prophets? This one diet, this miracle cream, the newest fad—if we just buy into it, we will be changed; we will figure it all out. So many search in vain, the ever-expanding shelves of self-help books in stores a testimony to the never-ending struggle. When we put our faith in our own efforts or those who promise us a quick-fix to a nagging problem, we will always be disappointed. Sometimes we will see some improvement in the “storms” of our lives, only to realize that what we thought was illuminated was just a brief flash—it does not last.

Let us not be caught off guard. Let us put our trust in the One who will never lead us into a storm – only through it. For when we put our faith, trust and hope in the Lord, we need never fear the coming of the kingdom, for we know we dwell in it always with Jesus.


What false prophets am I allowing to distract me from running to You, Lord?


Thank You, Lord, for the new kingdom You bring us in Jesus. Let me never be led astray by false pursuits.

Copyright 2017 Cathy G. Knipper

Cathy G. Knipper is a Catholic publicist by day and an avid communicator by night. Mom to three adult children and wife to Jim, she fills her time outside of the office with farmers markets, weekend travel to see her children, extended family and friends, and reading as many books as is humanly possible.

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