Small Success: Ordinary Time of Gratitude


It’s Thursday and time to recall the gifts of the past week. It must seem to some who read this column on a regular basis like I have natural Prozac in my veins. Trust me, I don’t. There are mornings when I grit my teeth through the routine. That being said, I know much of our own irritation is of our own making when we give ourselves over to bad moods. The primary reason I try very hard to sweep away irks and growls when they show up in my head, is I know, they’re like gremlins given water and fed after midnight. I know they multiply and get worse. My twelve-year-old woke up angry. She fell down three stairs, and while she remained unhurt, she nursed her annoyance. Hugging her, I told her, it would get better, but I felt her bad mood transfer.

As I went about the business of making lunches, I found myself struggling. Some days it’s effortless to make 9 lunches; other days not so much. Today looked like a not so much. I knew I needed a small container for salad dressing for my daughter’s lunch. Without thinking, I asked Saint Anthony. (My kids think I have him on speed dial). I found one. I started my son’s lunch. He wanted a salad too. Would I find a second container and salad bowl? I asked again. I did. It wasn’t until I came to the third salad of the day, (my husband’s), when I realized … I’m asking about salad containers and lids … Tupperware? Really, Sherry? Really, Saint Anthony. I’m fixing their lunches. I need them to have a healthy component. I need them. Boom. Number three.

Before you think, well, you must be organized … No. None of them were in the same spot, not the containers, not the lids, not the mini ones either. However, I knew there was one more person I needed a container for, so I asked. “I know Saint Anthony, I’ve asked for a lot …but I need this for me too.” I can’t say I knew where they were but I found them in an instant. I got on my knees and said thank you for the stress-free morning and marveled at the assistance.

Saint Anthony had made the morning easy so I could have time to count my blessings, and it extended to the family, to my extended family, to so many. It felt overwhelming, and all for the minutiae of finding salad bowls. The saints work tirelessly to point us to God, to remind us God is in our lives, even the minutiae. He wants to be part of all of our lives, every moment, and if we surrender to Him the first fruits, we’ll reap an abundant harvest. I’d surrendered time, and God gave me extra time back, enough even to write Small Success Thursday in the morning!

So I hope this week, you find the time to count your blessings and to say thank you. If you feel pressed for time, ask Saint Anthony. He’ll help you find the time.

Happy Small Success Thursday!
What small successes are you celebrating this week?

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