Daily Gospel Reflection for November 17, 2017 - St. Elizabeth of Hungary


Today’s Gospel: Luke 17:26-37 – St. Elizabeth of Hungary

A story about Saint Francis of Assisi tells that Saint Francis was hoeing his garden, when he was approached by another man who asked him, “If you were certain that Christ was coming today, what would you do?” Saint Francis replied, “I would continue to hoe my garden.”

Scripture tells us we are to ask the Master to send more workers to tend the vineyard. We should first volunteer ourselves to go and do the work. If we are doing the work that God created us for, then we need not worry about the time when Christ returns, for He will find us doing what we should be doing. We will not be caught off guard.

What is needed is a persistent pursuit to do God’s work. If we are a parent, then our prime responsibility is our children. If we are workers, then we must give an honest day’s work for our pay. If we are subject to authority then we must be obedient.

Each of us needs to be faithful to the vocation we have been called to.


How well do I use the time that God gives me each day? Do I seek to balance the time I devote to my work, my prayer, and my own needs?


Lord Jesus Christ, I want to do the work that the Father created me to do. I ask for Your grace so that I may what I should do and have the courage and strength to do it. Amen.

Copyright 2017 Dennis P. McGeehan

Dennis P. McGeehan is the author of The Diaries of Joseph and Mary, a book based on the stories told by the early Church Fathers. He is a husband and the father of nine kids, including one who is with God. He blogs and speaks on topics especially parenting special needs kids and Saint Joseph. His website is www.warriorsworlddad.com.

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