Daily Gospel Reflection for November 18, 2017


Today’s Gospel: Luke 18:1-8

The judge in this parable renders a just decision because “the widow keeps bothering me.” Her perseverance has won her a fair settlement.

My life and career has been blessed with encountering many mothers who would just not give up. As a speech pathologist, I have seen mothers of special needs children simply not give up or accept “no” as an answer. They have battled school districts, physicians, therapists, and perhaps other family members in an attempt to secure appropriate services for their child. They just don’t give up!

Their tenacity has inspired me in my prayer life. At times it seems God doesn’t hear me or answer with the response I want. If I step back prayerfully and “pray always without becoming weary” as Jesus instructs us all to do, my prayers will be heard and answered with the will of God being fulfilled in my life. But I’m a mom too, and understand weariness. I have good intentions to pray that rosary, go to adoration, and increase my personal prayer time. And in reality I am probably successful half of the time. So I offer God activity-based prayers throughout my day. I offer to Him, through my clients, my best therapeutic service, my most empathetic ear, and the promise to collaborate with other professionals if I don’t know the solution. And then, in the pocket of my lab coat, tangled with my pens, is my rosary. I say a quick, silent Hail Mary every time I reach into my pocket to get a pen. I try to do these small acts of prayer with great love, as suggested by St. Mother Teresa. On more than one occasion I have had a puzzled look from a client as I untangle the rosary to use a pen. But I’ve also received many looks of understanding from other moms who know all about praying without ceasing.


What opportunities am I missing throughout the day to talk to God?


Heavenly Father, please hear my activity prayers, my silent prayers, as well as those that I mutter throughout the day. Grant that I may always pray without becoming weary.

Copyright 2017 Amy Morris

Amy is a member of a Dominican Catholic parish in Ohio. She is married and blessed to be the mother of two girls, one biological and one through marriage. She is a speech pathologist, volunteer and struggling athlete, and can be found at @ahmslp on Twitter.

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  1. This reflection is wonderful, Amy! I too know moms who have been unceasing in their petitions for help from school systems and insurance companies, on their kids’ behalf. I’m certain that one in particular has gotten so many services for her son because the administration has grown weary of her unceasing requests. I’m not that outspoken with others, but I try to emulate her in my prayer life. I certainly don’t want to weary God, but I also don’t want to give up five minutes before the miracle happens. Blessings to you in your work, and as a mom.

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