Turning Prayer Into Cupcakes - with Mary Garden Showers!

"Turning prayer into cupcakes" by Kaitlyn Mason (CatholicMom.com)

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I am a firm believer in at least these two things:

  1. There can never be too many babies in this world.
  2. There can never be too many cupcakes in this world.

Okay, you can make your arguments that too many people will quickly deplete the world of precious natural resources, forcing us to inhabit Mars and frantically search distant galaxies for a new home.

Ah, yes, but I should also mention I’m a firm believer in God. And God tells me not to worry.

This does NOT mean I’m supposed to sit back and watch while I and others around me waste the resources God gives us. This does NOT mean I’m supposed to just let other people take care of those in poverty and not worry about their needs because God will figure it out.

No, I’m supposed to actually try to be Christ to everyone. I’m not supposed to worry about whether I’m effective in my efforts to serve. I’m just called to serve always and everywhere out of love, and then to let God be God.

This brings me to my second point above, that there can never be too many cupcakes in this world. All right, naysayers, do you really want to get me started on this one? Cupcakes are A – wait for it – mazing!

Oh wait, babies are amazing, too … So is God, now that I think of it … but we were talking about cupcakes!

Yes, what the world needs now is more cupcakes!

"Turning prayer into cupcakes" by Kaitlyn Mason (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2017 Kaitlyn Mason. All rights reserved.

Hear me out on this one. The world needs more babies, but sometimes people are scared to have more babies. And sometimes they’re scared for VERY good reasons! They need encouragement. They need someone to celebrate with them.

We need to pray and turn to God, yes. But we also need to turn our prayers into action.

Maybe it’s time we turn our prayers into cupcakes. Because if we all start baking cupcakes and celebrating each new life that comes into this world, maybe we could help more mothers turn fear into joy, sorrow into laughing.

Don’t tell me I’m dreaming. I’ve seen it happen.

As co-director of Mary Garden Showers, I’ve seen mothers walk from FEAR into LIGHT – all because some strangers came together, baked some cupcakes, hosted a shower, and decided to CELEBRATE the new lives they were carrying inside of their wombs.

These showers are changing lives, and they’re saving lives. Women even cancel abortion appointments when they find out they will receive real love and support from this apostolate.

Yes, the world needs more babies so we can all eat more cupcakes!

And you know what? The world desperately needs us to turn our prayers into cupcakes so we can all live with the sound of more laughing babies in this world.

Mary Garden Showers is a new Catholic apostolate sharing Christ’s mercy with women in crisis pregnancies, one baby shower or blessing shower at a time! Learn more at marygardenshowers.org.

You’re invited to join us in celebrating new life! Contact us if you’re interested in getting a chapter started at your parish next year, and let’s get baking! Because every life deserves a celebration!

"Turning prayer into cupcakes" by Kaitlyn Mason (CatholicMom.com)

Copyright 2017 Kaitlyn Mason. All rights reserved.

Copyright 2017 Kaitlyn Mason


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Kaitlyn Clare Mason is founder of Mary Garden Showers, a national ministry sharing Christ's mercy with women and families in crisis pregnancies. Author, songwriter, and homesteader, she is blessed to be a wife and the mother of four children. She writes to help you trust & serve the world through your home at KaitlynClareMason.com.


    • Hi, Tami! Thank you for your kind words. Connecting with these moms and sharing joy with them is really a lot of fun! Yes, as Barb said there’s more about this in my archives here at CatholicMom.com, and also in the Mary Garden Showers archives at my blog Simply Divine Mercy. In God’s time, if it is His will, we hope to compile some of the amazing stories from these women into a beautiful book. God writes the best stories, doesn’t He? 🙂 God bless you!

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