The Three Things I am Thankful for this Thanksgiving


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Friends, this Thanksgiving 2017 has a special resonance in my soul. That resonance, like an echo in a great canyon, keeps bouncing back to bless my daily life with hope and love.

In January, two people close to me completed their lives on earth. On January 3 a seminary classmate whose vocation called him to marriage, fatherhood and teaching, in an unfortunate accident, was called home to the Father’s house. On January 19, my closest sibling in age and in affection, died of cancer and heart failure, and she too has gone home to the Father’s house. I miss them both, Denis and Theresa, and yet am happy that they are enjoying what we are created for and long for all our lives. I give thanks to God for their lives and hope to renew our relationship in God’s good time.

For 25 years since his death, Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C. has been a candidate for sainthood. He is the son of a poor farmer from County Mayo, Ireland who became famous around the world as a missionary of the Family prayer and Family Rosary. We have many signs that his cause for recognition by the universal Church is moving along. I give thanks for his incredible faith and life, and have deep gratitude to God and so many others who join us in helping families pray around the world.

Finally, Thanksgiving has its roots in the Greek word, Eucharist, which we celebrate daily and especially on Sundays. I give thanks for my own family, for the family of Holy cross which welcomed me into its midst in 1964. I give thanks for our country and its people and I give thanks for the great family of all who are baptized into Christ’s body, the Church. We have such a rich and blessed heritage to support us and strengthen us. Especially as Catholics, we have the assurance that Christ our Lord has sent his Spirit to guide us, protect us from harm and to allow the Risen Christ to abide among us an act through us to bless all we meet. Is there anyone who can not say “Thank You” to God this day for so many blessings? I don’t think so!

Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

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Fr. Willy Raymond, CSC, is a Catholic Priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross and President of Holy Cross Family Ministries.

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