Daily Gospel Reflection for November 24, 2017 - St. Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions


Today’s Gospel: Luke 19:45-48 – St. Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions

When I walk into a cathedral, I can feel the presence of God. The images displayed throughout the church, the quiet calm within, and the smells of candles and incense create an environment that feels holy and enhances my prayer. I imagine that by removing the vendors in the Temple, Jesus was attempting to create that type of environment for his followers.

Our lives are not lived in quiet, calm cathedrals, but rather in busy, sometimes hectic, cluttered, often loud environments. The state of our environment can have such a strong influence on our mood and ability to concentrate. Finding God within the chaos can be difficult. Like Jesus, we may need to remove the things that distract us from God in order to truly be able to “hang on his every word.” Where do we pray at home? Is there a way to set up the physical environment of our homes to help us and our families feel the presence of God? Do we have a space in our home that honors God, separate from the toys and the stack of mail? God will be with us no matter the state of our physical environment, but a few small tweaks can help facilitate our connection with God and our ability to hear his voice in our everyday lives.


How does my everyday environment facilitate my relationship with God?


God, help me to feel Your presence within the chaos today. Help me to find the quiet calm that tells me You are near.

Copyright 2017 Theresa Carroll

Theresa is a part-time working, cradle Catholic mom of three littles living in Chicagoland. She occasionally blogs at In Search of Simpler. You can also find her on Twitter: @searchofsimpler and Instagram: @Tessie845.

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  1. I am by nature a person who craves order. Thus, my living right om has been the one room in my house that I keep neat. If a toy creeps into it, I order that ot be taken back to the basement family room. No tv, but our computer is there. On top of the computer table are pictures of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. Every night we gather as a family there to pray together. What started as a simple little act with my first-born has become a Spirit-inspired tradition bigger than I ever imagined.

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